Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal (commonly referred to as Sailor Moon Crystal) is a next-generation Sailor Moon anime series adapted more faithfully to the manga. It is the second animated adaption of the series and, like the previous animated adaption of the 1990s, it is made by Toei Animation


Season One: Dark Kingdom (2014-2015)

Usagi Tsukino was an average fourteen-year-old girl who, after rescuing a black cat, Luna, realizes she is the legendary Sailor Guardian, Sailor Moon, the Guardian of Sanctity. Luna tells Usagi that she is a champion of justice and she needs to find the Moon Princess and the legendary Silver Crystal before the enemy, known as the Dark Kingdom, finds it.

In her fight against the Dark Kingdom, she meets new allies; Ami Mizuno, Sailor Mercury the Guardian of Knowledge and Water, Rei Hino, Sailor Mars the Guardian of Fire and War, and Makoto Kino, Sailor Jupiter the Guardian of Thunder and Bravery. She also meets the mysterious Tuxedo Mask, who is searching for the Legendary Silver Crystal. The four Sailor Guardians are later joined by Minako Aino, the famous Sailor V, more conmanly known as Sailor Venus the Guardian of Love and Beauty, and who claims to be the long-lost Princess of the Moon.

As the battles continue, Usagi begins to get closer to Tuxedo Mask, and after he is mortally wounded in one battle, the seal on the mighty Silver Crystal is broken and released from to Sailor Moon, revealing her to be the real reincarnated Moon Princess, Serenity, and Mamoru revealing to be the reincarnation of Serenity's love, Endymion. Shortly after, Tuxedo Mask is kidnapped and brainwashed by the Dark Kingdom. Sailor Moon and the Senshi locate the Dark Kingdom and after freeing Tuxedo Mask from their control, Sailor Moon is able to use the Silver Crystal to destroy its leader forever, bringing about a seeming peace, until a little girl appears from the sky.


Season Two: Black Moon (2015)

The mysterious girl called Usagi, or Chibiusa, demands the Silver Crystal from Usagi and later incorporates herself into Usagi's family using hypnotism. Meanwhile, a shady group, who call themselves the Black Moon Clan appear as well. Following the advise of a shadowy figure named Wiseman, they plan to invade Earth and find and kill Chibiusa. Sailor Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter get abducted by Koan, Berthier, and Petz of the Black Moon Clan, respectively, while trying to stop them. Sailor Moon, Venus and Tuxedo Mask are told by Chibiusa that she is from the future and only they can save her home from the Black Moon Clan. Chibiusa uses the Time Key to open the path to the future, where they meet the guardian of the Time Gate and Chibiusa's friend, Sailor Pluto. When they reach the future known as Crystal Tokyo, they find it in ruins from the Black Moon Clan's attacks.

Sailor Moon is kidnapped by Prince Demande of the Black Moon Clan, who is obsessed with her unmistakable resemblance to Neo Queen Serenity. King Endymion, Tuxedo Mask's future self reveals the history of the Black Moon Clan, its base on Nemesis, the tenth planet, and that Mamoru and Usagi are married and Chibiusa is their daughter. Chibiusa runs into the Time Gate with Tuxedo Mask following behind, causing them both to be lost in the time stream, and Chibiusa is eventually brainwashed by Wiseman. Sailor Moon is able to free herself and her fellow Senshi from Nemesis and they escape to Earth. Chibiusa, now Black Lady, believing she was not loved in her home, attacks Crystal Tokyo and Wiseman's true identity is revealed as an evil entity known as Death Phantom, who had merged with Nemesis years ago. Demande, having gone mad, was able to obtain the Silver Crystals of past and future and threatens to touch them together, which would end all existence. Pluto shows up and stops time, but at the cost of her own life. Seeing her only friend die causes Chibiusa to break free from Death Phantom's control and she transforms into Sailor Chibi Moon. Sailor Moon, and Sailor Chibi Moon use their power to destroy Death Phantom. Chibiusa goes back to the future but returns shortly to receive proper Sailor Senshi training, and gives Usagi a present from her mother: the Heart Moon Rod.

Sailor Moon Crystal

Season Three: Death Busters (2016)

A few months have passed since the defeat of Death Phantom, and Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, and Chibiusa have all enjoyed their daily lives in peace and harmony. With the third evolution of their standard Sailor forms and much stronger elemental abilities, the four Inner Sailor Senshi are prepared for anything. Chibiusa is glad to train in order to become the sixth Sailor Senshi of the team by transforming into Sailor Chibi Moon. With the mystical Cosmic Heart Compact in her possession, Usagi now transforms into the third evolution of her regular Sailor form and is even stronger than ever with the Heart Moon Rod as her newest weapon. However, new forces arise out the blue, using vile monsters called Daimon. In addition to this new threat, two new mysterious Sailor Senshi appear, but have ambiguous intentions. To make matters worse, Mamoru and Rei begin to have vividly recurring nightmares about the annihilation of the world, where the Messiah obliterates everything and everyone with a long sickle-like weapon.

As new mysteries and disturbing secrets are brought to light, these new villains (who are called "the Death Busters") are gradually harnessing a great power within someone that will lead the Earth toward annihilation. In addition, a tenth Sailor Senshi is introduced; one who is considered the strongest and most feared of all.

In the climax, Sailor Chibi Moon evolves into Super Sailor Chibi Moon (with the sacred power of her very own Holy Grail), and combines her new-found Super Sailor abilities with those of Super Sailor Moon to annihilate Mistress 9. Unfortunately, their efforts prove futile as she merges with Pharaoh 90. Super Sailor Moon seemingly sacrifices herself to exterminate Pharaoh 90 by entering him directly and releasing the immense powers of both the Holy Grail and the Silver Crystal against him. It is then that three talismans glow and resonate; therefore awakening the last and strongest of the Sailor Senshi- Sailor Saturn, the Guardian of Death and Destruction.

Once awakened, she unleashes her supremely powerful destructive and deathly abilities upon Pharaoh 90, and ultimately brings about the complete annihilation and nonexistence of the entire world by dropping her Silence Glaive down on its edge. Fortunately, Super Sailor Moon appears unscathed; thus giving the four Inner Sailor Senshi and three of the Outer Guardians to evolve into their own Super Sailor forms. Reveling in the agony and disintegration she has brought upon Pharaoh 90, Sailor Saturn assures everyone that "always with the end comes hope and rebirth" and that the only one capable of bringing such holy power forth is Super Sailor Moon herself. The Guardian of Death and Ruin then urges Super Sailor Pluto to forever close the door to the forbidden realm, even though she would be taken as well. Super Sailor Pluto calls on the mighty power of her guardian deity, Chronos himself, and seals the Door; thus sealing both Pharaoh 90 and Sailor Saturn away. Super Sailor Moon then becomes Neo Queen Serenity and uses the great healing powers of the Spiral Heart Moon Scepter to revitalize the Earth and reverse all that was wiped out by Pharaoh 90 and Sailor Saturn's supreme deadly powers. It is then that a bright purple light emanates from the ruins, where the cries of a newborn are heard by Super Sailor Neptune, who realizes that it is indeed Sailor Saturn; her spirit once again reborn and reincarnated as Hotaru Tomoe. She, along with Super Sailor Uranus and Super Sailor Pluto make the vow to raise her as their own "sister," being all alone in the world. The trio part ways with the others, stating they will surely meet again someday, as they are all allies and friends. To symbolize that promise, Super Sailor Neptune gives her mystical Deep Aqua Mirror to Super Sailor Chibi Moon and tells her to look in it for guidance, and to become an even stronger Guardian of the Future Moon by the next time they meet.

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